Adam as a last longevity of Jesus Christ

Adam as a last longevity of Jesus Christ

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Judaism, Christianity and Islam all accept the accounts of Adam and Eve together with her religion. The scripture gave the specific concept of a?Son of Goda? to three people when you look at the whole handbook: Adam, Melchizedek, and Jesus. Extremely, it has to not be shocking why these three individuality need a link that will actually beyond coincidence. This hookup is actually proof these types of individuality happened to be indeed equivalent psyche being in several incarnations. This indicates the handbook certainly is the tale regarding the sojourn regarding the a?Son of Goda? starting with Paradise lost and closing with haven rejuvenate. The next data explains just the Adam-Jesus link.

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The Hebrew text for a?Adama? was a?mana?. The subject a?Son of Mana? is a reference to Adam. The expressions a?Son of Mana? (tovább…)

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